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The next meeting of Harberton Parish Council will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th July 2014 at Harberton Parish Hall.

Public Session


1. Apologies

2. Reports from County and District Councillors

3. Minutes

3.1. Parish Council Meeting of 10/06/14

3.2. Planning meeting of 24/06/14

3.3. EGM of 01/07/14

4. Matters Arising

5. Planning

5.1. Planning Application 23/1494/14/F. Resubmission of planning approval 23/0155/14/F for construction of garaging and formation of parking area at Hernaford Farm Barns, Harbertonford.

6. Monthly reports

6.1. Finance sub-committee

6.2. Neighbourhood Plan sub-committee

6.2.1. Constitution of the Neighbourhood Plan sub-committee

6.2.2. Parish Councillor members on sub-committee

6.2.3. Discussion on whether Sustainable Energy Policy is an independent declaration of the Parish Council or part of the Neighbourhood Plan

6.3. Community Land Trust

6.4. TAP

6.4.1. Discussion of proposals to 2015 TAP fund.

6.5. Clerk’s report

7. Policy on Renewable Energy

7.1. Review Sustainable Energy papers

7.2. Invite legal/District Council response on Parish Council resolutions on renewable energy

8. Agreement of payments as per schedule (separate document)

9. Correspondence

9.1. 26/05/14 Planetaid clothing bank request for Parish Hall car park.

9.2. 04/06/14 Devon Youth Service Review

9.3. 10/06/14 Let’s Talk Renewables, Parish and Town Council Training Invitation

9.4. 19/06/14 Empowering Parish Councils to sell electricity

9.5. 20/06/14 Lights Out - Further Information

9.6. 24/06/14 Parish Views sought on Rural Housing

9.7. 25/06/14 Allotment Society Open Day Invitation 13th July 2014

9.8. DCC Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic and Parking Tristford Road, 8-10th September.

9.9. 16/06/14 Devon County Council Day Services Review

9.10.01/07/14 Day services - Message from Councillor Stuart Barker

9.11.03/07/14 Totnes and Dartmouth Ring and Ride Meeting Tuesday, 22nd July, 2014

10. Regular E Newsletters available to Councillors. See separate list.

11. Matters at the discretion of the Chairman

Appendix :

Payment Schedule for agreement

1. £300.00 Grant to St Peter’s Church (as agreed at last meeting)

2. £30.00 New Clerks Short Course DALC

3. £123.75 Andrew Hockings IT support and 5 months of LiveDrive backup services 1st Feb 2014 – 1st July 2014.

4. £48.00 Andrew Hockings 12 months LiveDrive Back up services 3rd July 2014 – 2rd July 2015.

5. £107.90 Domain Name and Webhosting – reimbursement to the Parish Clerk

6. £224.38 Parish Clerk Salary 29th July

7. £224.38 Parish Clerk Salary 29th August

List of regular newsletters available to Councillors on request

1. Public Sector Executive

2. Rural Services Network

3. JoinedUp (Health)

4. Devon Home Choice

5. Devon County Council Community News Round – Up

6. Devon and Cornwall Police Newsletter

7. DALC Newsletter re training

8. Devon County Council Emergency Planning Team

9. South Hams Our Plan E Newsletter

10. Local Government Strategic Leaders Forum

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