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Harberton Parish Council. Clerk. Mrs. D.Crann tel. 732210.

The next meeting of Harberton Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 8th April 2014 at at Harbertonford Primary School.

It is requested that Councillors meet at the EARLIER TIME of to meet with the two candidates for Parish Clerk.

Apologies. Reports from County & District Councillors. Minutes. Matters Arising.

Planning. Parish Council Recommendations.

Decisions at meeting.

23/0573/14/LB Tailrace, Crowdy Mill, Harbertonford. Replacement of wooden windows. Removal of garden shed, reinstate upstairs bathroom.

Higher West Leigh Farm, Harberton. Alleged unauthorised building works and siting of a caravan.

Monthly Reports.

1. Neighbourhood Plan.

2. Cluster & TAP Fund.

3. CLT.

4.Finance Cttee.


1. TAP Fund proposal from Cllr. Padfield. (enclosed).
2. HPFA. Grasscutting.
3. CAB New Trustee.
4.Beating the inner bounds of Diptford 17.5.14. S. Brent Parish Council.
5. S. Hams Metal Detecting Club seek Land.
6. Harbertonford Village Green. Reply from Tree Wardens.
7. Letter from Richard Sheard, Chief Executive of SHDC.
8. Request for Annual Audit 9.6.14.

For information. Community Safety Forum Event 30.4.14. Local Govt. Financial Settlement Roundup 2014/15. Community News DALC Newsletter. Local Planning Validation Checklist Consultation.

Matters at the Discretion of the Chairman.

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