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The next meeting of Harberton Parish Council will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th October 2014 held at Harbertonford CE Primary School

Public Session


1. Apologies

2. Reports from County and District Councillors

3. Minutes

3.1. Parish Council Meeting of 09/09/14.

4. Matters Arising

5. Planning

5.1. Applications

· Planning Application 23/2373/14/F. Proposal: Installation of ground-mounted solar arrays (total site area 94,000m2) estimate output 5 megawatts and associated infrastructure, cable route and Distribution Network Operator substation At: Land at SX769,596 Lower Blakemore Farm, Totnes. Letters sent to the clerk in relation to this planning application are in appendix papers

5.2. Reports on planning decisions

6. Monthly reports

6.1. Finance.

6.1.1. Finance training report (Clerk)

6.1.2. Bank account research report (Clerk)

6.2. Neighbourhood Plan

6.3. Community Land Trust

6.4. TAP

6.5. Clerk’s report

7. Community Benefit

7.1. Launch of Community Benefit Fund

7.2. Consideration of Community Benefit offer on Lower Blakemore Farm solar development.

8. Consider ‘protocol of recording meetings’ draft for adoption by Parish Council. See draft in appendix papers.

9. Unmaintained road hedges.

10. Report from Ford Farm flooding meeting

11. Parish Council response to South Hams Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. See template letters from individual councillors.

12. Code of Conduct update

13. Agreement of payments as per schedule See schedule in appendix papers.

14. Correspondence

14.1.14/07/14 Grant Thornton. Audit for the year ended 31st March.

14.2.22/08/14 Phil Baker: SHDC Our Plan Work…

14.3.22/08/14 Peter Fusco Proposed wind turbine installation at Foales Leigh Farm, Harberton

14.4.15/09/14 Changes in government policy on renewable energy

14.5.18/09/14 David Thompson re Parish Council

14.6.19/09/14 South Hams and West Devon Neighbourhood Plan meeting Presentation

14.7.22/09/13 Council Tax Support Grant to Town and Parish Councils

14.8.23/09/13 DALC Winter Training Courses

14.9.03/10/14 Highways Review

14.10. 08/10/14 Devon Highways Parish and Town Council Website – invitation to complete questionnaire

14.11. 08/10/14 Devon Countryside Access Forum and Report

14.12. 08/10/14 Invitation to Bob the Bus AGM 4th November

14.13. 09/10/14 Totnes and Dartington Ring and Ride Meeting - 28th October 7pm

15. Regular E Newsletters available to Councillors.

15.1.Public Sector Executive

15.2.Rural Services Network

15.3.Devon Home Choice

15.4.Devon County Council Community News Round – Up Libraries Special

16. Matters at the discretion of the Chairman

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